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Welcome to snowHQ

snowHQ is the brainchild of Mike Smith & Lawrence Smith (not related as far they know of).  Mike was Marketing Manager and the face of Mt Ruapehu for over 12 years from 1999 – 2011. He is an experienced and talented Snow Marketer with an enviable track record.

Lawrence has spent the last 17 years developing highly successful and critically acclaimed web development company, Cabbage Tree Creative.

Both Smiths are absolutely passionate about the snow and want to encourage as many kiwis and indeed people from all over the world to give it a try for the first time or to go more often. They saw a big gap in the snow market in New Zealand and worldwide and thus snowHQ was born.

brief history

The Smiths initially came up with the brand to attend an international snow-related Social Media Conference in the USA in early 2012.

In August 2012 as part of some ongoing ‘research’ they decided to buck the trend across the Tasman and go skiing in Australia (it’s 99.99% the other way) and the penny dropped for them both.

Every snow website, magazine, TV show, directory and just about anything else you can think of targets only a relatively small part of the market and potential market. The Smiths plan to change this.

our point of difference

For a start, simply recognising that the potential snow market is bigger than those who are already keen and committed. We want to actually grow the market.

Secondly, we want to truly inspire more people to give the snow a try, more often. Snow has appeal – and a story that needs to be told.

Thirdly snowHQ deals with reality not assumption. We focus on truly understanding the motivations and barriers as to why people do (and don’t) go to the snow and then translating this into action-based and measurable marketing and communications activity.

why are we doing this?

All the world’s greatest ideas start with an understanding of “why”.

The Wright brothers didn’t invent powered flight because they wanted to build the first aeroplane. They did it because they believed that by achieving powered flight, they would fundamentally change the world.

Apple didn’t change the way the world bought and listened to music because they wanted to build a portable music device. They did it because Steve Jobs thought it would be awesome if people could carry 1000 songs in their pocket!   The iPod was born!

snowHQ has a very simple why:

“We want to inspire people to love the snow as much as we do”

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