July 12, 2017
New Snow, New Site!

So much new snow, we don’t know what to say! Except it’s amazing!

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July 12, 2017
New Snow, New Site!

By Lawrence Smith
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But what we really wanted to say, is that next week we’re going to be launching a new site. The current site is based on technology that is now 15 years old (we’ve been around that long!), and you might have noticed it’s creaking. A number of reports are not working as they should, so it’s time to upgrade, quickly.

You guessed it, not a great time to do this! But sometimes technology says it’s time, and now is time!  So, expect some changes next week. We haven’t had a chance to redesign the site, so to be honest, it’s not going to be super pretty, it will be functional and hopefully we’ll have all the important features in place; like reports, webcams, and 5 day snow forecasts.

So bear with us, as we go through what is hopefully a not too painful rebirth! We’ve got some great features, and a new design on the way, and we promise it will be worth the wait!

Feel free like us on Facebook and drop us a line.  Oh, and please be gentle, if you can, we're working hard on coming back bigger and better! ;-)

And OK, the image isn’t NZ, it’s Japan in January. 2M of snow in 5 days in Hakuba. About as epic as the skiing in NZ will be once this storm clears!  



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