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A majestic mountain in an area better known for surfing then skiing. Give both a go! 

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Taranaki offers a unique mountain experience through Manganui, located in the Egmont National Park on the slopes of Mt Taranaki. With surfing integral to Taranaki's culture, it goes without saying that Snowboarding is the majority snow sport.

Accommodation is available at the new Stratford Mountain Club (SMC) Lodge. This sleeps 33 and is open for members and the general public, with bookings are essential. Skiers and boarders who brave Maunganui are treated with spectacular views stretching out to the horizon and on a clear day, across to Mt. Ruapehu. Taranaki has other great attractions aside from the mountain, making it a winter destination for adventurous groups and families.

Manganui Ski Area


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Skiing and riding on a friendly club field! Beginners tow, T-bar , top tow for expert skiers/riders. Cheap, no frills skiing, Ideal for families and all abilities. 25-30 min walk from car park to ski area, with g...

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