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Welcome to Winter and snowHQ

In 2001, we launched, which grew quickly to the second largest snow reporting site in NZ. By 2012, we were delivering 300,000 unique visitors a winter and developed a great reputation for uncluttered and relevant snow information.

Times change however, and in 2013 we’re now It’s not just a new name; it’s a totally new site, focused on helping people love the snow as much as we do!

snowHQ will still be providing the same quality information as before, but we’ve added a whole bunch of new features that will significantly broaden the website’s appeal and deliver to a much wider audience.

why snowHQ?

As a site focused solely on serving winter sports enthusiasts (and budding ones), we offer you a unique opportunity to tightly target and focus your product exposure to a keen and affluent group.

The core of our offer is advertising, with television airtime and online advertising. We’re offering a select group of advertisers’ unprecedented exposure to a niche audience. They trust us, and come back regularly – ideal for brand exposure.

Specialist winter content means you can put away the shotgun, and target your potential customers with more effective advertising. We can deliver:

  • An extremely targeted audience
  • An audience more receptive to your offer
  • Genuine advertising value; uncluttered messages, contextual message,s and ad views that aren’t inflated

Contact if you are interested in advertising on our website.

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